Would you like to pick your own apples? Follow the development of your apple tree? Meet a grower? This is now possible thanks to the Adopt a tree campaign, which offers you the opportunity to adopt a Pink Lady® apple tree and win a French orchard trip for the 2023 harvest!

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Sponsoring a Pink Lady® apple tree primarily involves following the development of the tree throughout the production cycle, and being able to harvest its apples.

Meet a Pink Lady® grower

Sponsoring a Pink Lady® apple tree will also allow you to meet a Pink Lady® grower and find out more about his/her profession, values and commitments. Inviting you into their orchards is one of them. Just like over 1,000 consumers before you, discover the women and men who work hard every day so that you can have the very best Pink Lady® apples.

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4Key moments with growers before the harvest
MatthieuLoire Valley – Maine-et-Loire
MatthieuLoire Valley – Maine-et-Loire

I worked as an osteopath for 10 years, and am now a winemaker and Pink Lady® grower.

In 2019, I took over my parents-in-law’s orchard with my brother-in-law Florent, who used to work in the wine industry.

We have 65 hectares of vines and orchards, which we have equipped with connected decision-support technologies to improve our day-to-day operations and production.

As an advocate of sustainable agriculture, I use all the apples in my orchard, even the damaged or fallen ones, to produce my own Pink Lady® apple juice.

I’d be delighted to show you how we work thanks to the sponsorship of my Pink Lady® apple trees this year.

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Our sponsors visited the orchards to harvest the apples from their tree. Discover the photos of this event!

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